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The "seal" products can be used in a large variety of applications, above all because it can be made in any material and have any shape or dimension according to the needs and its use. As already stated before, during the years since 1967, both our company and products have got more and more versatile and flexible, and we can, thanks to our team of technicians, cope with our clients' most specific requests and suggest over eight hundred different materials.
As a consequence, our products can be used in many fields; here is a short list which is not meant to be limiting but clearing up our main proposals in a certain type of application:

  • Production
  • Chemical - Petrochemistry - Hydraulic Navy
  • Aeronautical Plant Engineering
  • Hydraulic - Oleodynamics
  • Oleodynamics Pump Exchangers Boilers
  • Farm Electric appliances
  • Tanks Silos
  • Sound-lighting.
seals for chemical, petrolchemical industry, Milano, Lombardia