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technical articles

I.M.G.T. was born in 1967 as a family run handicraft-company, dealing in the manufacture of technical articles, asbestos free, rubber seals, plastic materials.


Due to the constancy and the determination of the family members, the company has grown time going by and has developed organising ability and flexibility, whose target is, above all, to meet the clients' requests which have become more and more specific and demandingi.

plastics materials, Milano, Lombardia

For this reason our company has been organised so that we can count on more operating units, specialised in a specific production; in brief, each unit has developed a technical "know how" aimed at the improvement of a particular production; punched gaskets production, molded rubber production, drawn and extruded rubber, etc. Therefore, our technical staff can meet the client's requests thanks to a more accurate skill according to the field of application of the requested product.