Safe-GardTM PS 113

Safe-GardTM guaina sigillante

Safe-GardTM PS 113 is a thin, even sealing sheath, in polystyrene mousse covered, on one side, with a special adhesive, specifically made to be set going through a twist on the material itself to seal the container. This product needs a minimum adhesive and locking rotation surface; the boring and the fitting of the sealing disc into the plug are thus made easier. Safe-GardTM PS 113 assures an excellent adherence in the glass and plastic containers; it is easy to use and assures, if applied and sealed correctly, a very good barrier to steam as well.

Composition Nominal Thickness
Polystyrene Mousse
(0.508 mm)
(0.051 mm)
Use: Safe-GardTM PS 113 is mainly used to pack dry foods, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics articles, engine oils etc.